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Still Colorado's ORIGINAL 2-location, membership shooting club. Safe. Calm. Friendly. 

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5/23 USCCA Handgun EAST; Register HERE

5/26 Handgun Mastery EAST; Register HERE

5/27 Scenarios 4:30 EAST; Register HERE

5/27 Scenarios 5:30 EAST; Register HERE

5/27 Tactical Style Safety EAST; Register HERE

6/1  EAST; Register HERE

6/3 Scenarios 4:30 EAST; Register HERE

6/3 Scenarios 5:30 EAST; Register HERE

6/3 Ladies Night WESTRegister HERE

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WE HAVE AMMUNITION!  Quantities remain modest (limited to one box/caliber/member/day, and for Club shooting only), but we have it!

"Your New Firearm" sessions continue. This is a 1-hour PRIVATE introduction to firearm safety and handling specifically for your new firearm. Intended for new gun owners (limited shooting will be available, but this is not a "how to shoot" course). Ammunition not provided. $39. Request by email HERE. Available to members and non-members alike.

Rifle Shooting @ EAST Club is temporarily unavailable; please join us at WEST to shoot rifle calibers (PCC still OK)

The Whistling Pines Gun Clubs in Colorado Springs, CO were designed to provide a unique and complimentary pair of facilities to the modern firearms owner. Both locations have carefully selected and vetted retail, versatile state-of-the-art ranges, and opportunities to continuously develop your skills in the safe, unhurried atmosphere that “Membership Only” provides.

Now in our 16th year, we would be delighted to have you join us. Give us a call to learn more about our ranges and how to become a member, but remember that our classes and retail stores are open to all!

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