Welcome to Whistling Pines Gun Club!

The Whistling Pines Gun Clubs in Colorado Springs, CO were designed to provide a unique and complimentary pair of facilities to the modern firearms owner. Both locations have carefully selected and vetted retail, versatile state-of-the-art ranges, and opportunities to continuously develop your skills in the safe, unhurried atmosphere that “Membership Only” provides.

Now entering our 16th year, we would be delighted to have you join us. Give us a call to learn more about our ranges and how to become a member, but remember that our classes and retail stores are open to all!


10/21 Intro to Pistol - EAST; Register HERE
10/21 Intro to Concealed Carry - EAST; Register HERE
10/21 Scenarios 1630/4:30PM - EAST; Register HERE
10/21 Scenarios 1730/5:30PM - EAST; Register HERE
10/24 Intro to Pistol - WEST; Register HERE
10/30 Date Night - WEST; Register HERE

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