10mm Special Interest Group

February 11, 2021

I’m continually though pleasantly surprised by the number of people I see around WPGC who shoot 10mm Auto. I shouldn’t be, of course – before, during and after my gun-writing career, I asserted that if there were any real justice in handgunning, 10mm would be the preeminent pistol cartridge, and by a long chalk.

But the logic of 10mm’s wavering success is simple to understand on both sides of the coin: only it’s comparatively recent arrival (1983) and early missteps in pistol development (the Bren Ten fiasco, followed by difficulties in the S&W 1006 and Colt Delta Elite with original Norma ammunition) can be blamed for its up-and-down reputation, while its birth and at least two revivals can only be laid at the feet of undeniable excellence.

No lesser experts than the FBI (which briefly adopted the chambering), Sierra Bullets, “The 10mm is an inherently accurate cartridge, routinely giving 10-shot groups under one inch…” (4th Edition, Handgun Reloading Manual) and humorously by Bruce Gray of GrayGuns and high-end SIG mod fame, “(the 10mm) was the brainchild of thoughtful pistol experts who believed an effective defensive pistol round needed to penetrate a Chrysler Imperial – end to end” (1st Edition, LaserCast Reloading Manual).

And no list of fans would be complete without acknowledging a particular “thoughtful expert,” and one who played a big part in 10mm conception and development: famed Col. Jeff Cooper. He maintained “What the 9mm won’t do at all, the .45 ACP will do at 25 yards, and the 10mm will do at 75 yards.”

Whether you’re a fan of the 10mm’s grand versatility (bullet weights from 135 to 220 grain), available power (high 200s to over 600 ft-ibs) or its rifle-like accuracy, we hope you’ll share it here. Bring it on, 10mmers!


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