“League” Special Interest Group

February 9, 2021

One of the things we’re proudest of at WPGC is the opportunities we provide members to break out of the lane shooting paradigm(s) to expand their skills.

At the top end is our sanctioned, monthly USPSA match. This is the pinnacle of “practical shooting,” and virtually nothing short of combat tests your gun handling like this. Eight divisions mean an even competitive footing for almost any sort of firearm (even pistol-caliber rifles!). Usually the first Monday of the month.

If that sounds like a tough place to start (and it’s not that bad, in reality), consider our Practical League. Generally running twice per month at the WEST Club (second and fourth Tuesdays), it is a training venue that is modeled on USPSA-style competition.

Safety constraints can’t be relaxed for obvious reasons, but everything else is. You will get a chance to see all the range commands, scoring and stage problem-solving executed in an exceptionally learner-friendly environment.

For a different twist, consider our take on “Steel Challenge.” Here we shoot four selected Steel Challenge stages (from the sanctioned eight) on various armor plate targets at different distances and layouts.

Mostly done with rimfire (.22LR, though your frangible-ammo’ed centerfire can play too), you shoot each stage three times to get five hits, and the lowest two out of the three on all four courses of fire is summed for your score.

Fastest (lowest) time wins. Easy. Inexpensive (you can even run with Club gear your first few times out). Really, really fun. Of all the competition/league venues, this has the lowest time and gear burden. Absolutely GREAT for younger shooters too.

“Scenarios” run weekly at the EAST Club. These one-hour sessions are unique in the sense that you get a specific problem to solve at one time – with two or three “resets” per session – but more than one run at that particular configuration.

Not only a great gear test, but an excellent “laboratory” for mindset and problem-solving. If you’re an IDPA-type shooter, these are gooooood practice.

So bring your questions, comments or even suggestions here for anything to do with leagues (or competition-like) shooting.


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