Open to the Public

Retail guns sales are available to the general public and members at both Whistling Pines Gun Clubs. We stock a wide selection of firearms from manufacturers like Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith &Wesson, Springfield, Walther, Ruger, Savage, and CZ.

We also have access to a huge range of other manufacturers. We can generally have most anything that is actually available in less than a week. Don’t assume those internet super deals are the best you can do, either: Our members routinely find “total cost of acquisition” is lower through Whistling Pines.

A careful selection of belts, holsters, mag carriers, sights, ammunition and other accessories are available too, as well as many firearms for rental. Experienced shooters will tell you there’s no better way to find the best pistol or long gun for your needs than by trying some out first.

Got a Question? Let us find you an expert answer.


Our Gunsmithing services are available to members and non-members. Our new ultra sonic gun cleaner is top of the line and gets a firearm far cleaner than a typical manual cleaning. Basic cleaning includes removing the grips and field striping the firearm. The complete gun cleaning process includes taking the entire gun apart.

Does your firearm need refinishing, new grips, adding a scope, adjusting the action or repairs to an antique; we can provide you with top of the line Gunsmithing services. Please call either location for pricing or more information.

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